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Biographie To create a Venmo account, you need to download the app on your phone, open it, choose your sign-up method, create a strong password, verify your email and phone number, then add your bank account and verify. Anyone 18 or older with a bank account, debit card, or credit card can sign up for a Venmo account either by downloading the app on their smartphone or signing up at the Venmo website.

You can sign up for Venmo using Facebook details by tapping Sign Up With Facebook or clicking on the Sign Up With Email option to use your email address. When you log into your new device, PayPal Venmo will text you a code to your registered phone number for the account, which you will have to input to log into the report correctly.

You will then need to enter your phone number and your Venmo password, click Send Code and confirm your phone number by entering the code Venmo sent you in Venmo. On PayPal's Venmo, you can configure settings to require you to type in your Face ID (or fingerprint scan, depending on the device) or PIN each time you open the Venmo app. Enabling either Face ID or your PIN adds extra security to your account whenever you open the app or conduct a transaction. You can set a unique PIN code within either the Android or iOS apps, which can help ensure that you are the only person using the Venmo account to send or receive money.

Setting up 2-factor authentication, creating a unique PIN code, and using Touch ID can help ensure that you are the only person with access to your Venmo account. The Android or iOS apps provide extra security features you can access, including Touch ID sign-in options. If you have an account at a large nationwide bank, you can choose Instant verification and log in on the bank's site to connect with Venmo. Once you complete the account creation and verification process, you can connect a card or bank account and begin sending and receiving money using Venmo.

Suppose you already have a Venmo personal account and are eligible for a Venmo business account. In that case, you can link both automatically, then switch back and forth between the two. If you wish to create a Venmo business account, you must open or connect your existing Venmo personal history. People who already have a Venmo account may opt to use their existing username for the new business account or can opt to select a unique username for a second profile. You will use your personal Venmo account details to sign into both shapes, and you can toggle between both accounts by clicking your photo at the top left.

You can only have two Venmo accounts if one is a shared account you share with another user or your other version is a business profile. Once you create a primary Venmo account to receive business-related payments from customers and keep those payments separate from your expenses, you will need to create a business profile.

You can link Venmo with your rideshare app to make payments using your Venmo balance, or Venmo will auto-deduct payments from a connected bank account. The Venmo app will ask for you to input a new password and, if you are on an iPhone, will give a pop-up asking whether you want to let PayPal's Venmo unlock your account using Face ID. After installing Venmo on your phone and then linking your Venmo account with a credit card, debit card, or checking account, Venmo users can immediately start exchanging funds, with Venmo acting as a virtual financial middleman.

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